Monday, January 30, 2012

Branding Advice

I am trying to decide if I should keep the name Modern Nature Jewelry or change it to Modern Nature Studio. Which name do you like better?

Ever since Etsy gave the option of changing a shop name, I have been pondering this move. My brand name is Modern Nature. That name was taken (but never actually used) on both Etsy and as a domain name, so I went with Modern Nature Jewelry. I was deciding between that and Modern Nature Studio, but my husband convinced me to go with jewelry.

When selecting a blog name, I went with Modern Nature Studio. I know that being consistent with branding is best, but I wanted it to be about my creative world, not just my jewelry.

I would greatly appreciate your advice, please tell me which name you think I should go with. Any other suggestions are welcome too. Thanks in advance!


  1. Let me preface this by saying that I am not an expert on such marketing/branding matters...however, I am happy to throw in my 2 cents worth! :-) When I came up with my name (Artful Accents), I decided to not use "jewelry" in the name, just in case my artistry medium changed or expanded beyond jewelry. Something to keep in mind if that's the case for you as well. Sadly, when I opened my Etsy shop, "Artful Accents" was not available, so I just went with my first and last name.

    I don't see a problem with using "studio" for your blog, in fact I would probably change my shop name to that as well. You can always include a descriptor underneath of your name on your business cards, something like "handcrafted jewelry" or some other term that informs potential customers.

    So I'll case a vote for changing it all to "Modern Nature Studio"! :-)

  2. I like Modern Nature Studio too. My website is purely because was already taken by a quilting shop, but I'd been using Daisychain Designs for years before most people had websites. I'm glad I went for Designs rather than Jewellery for my business name as, as Kathy said, it keeps things more open for me. It makes more sense now that I'm also selling my handcrafted clasps and findings as well - I have them on etsy and my jewellery on my own website but they both come together under the "designs" label/brand. It seems to work well!
    To me, "Studio" also highlights the fact that your work is handcrafted and unique.

  3. I like Modern Nature Studio. I agree w/Kathy who says you can include a description of what you are designing.
    To me, having a studio makes a statement to others that you are a serious artist, and have established a place to be creative in your artistic work, jewelry, photography, etc.
    You are very talented, be sure to let others know where to find your work and exactly what it is.
    I printed a copy of your picture on your post of January 4th - "Each day is a new adventure..." and it sits here on my computer desk giving me thought and inspiration each day. Thank you for that! I just started an ETSY shop a few months ago and love that!

  4. I agree with everyone above :) Going with Studio leaves it open to anything you decide to do, wherever your creative journey takes you :)

  5. Here's another vote for Studio. I like it because it makes me think about the person behind the jewelry. There's also something about the word "studio" that radiates professionalism.

  6. I like Studio as well. It does leave the door open for other types of creativity in the future.

  7. Fashizzle I like studio too! I am a complete mess as I started blogging before I opened my store but "Jewelry from under the bus" doesn't really sound like a winner : P

  8. Here's another vote for Studio! I've learned a lot since I started blogging and have found that it is advisable to keep your options open... what if you gravitate from something else and your focus is no longer jewelry (you just never know where this can take you...). Now look who's talking, I do have the word "studio" in my name but I also have "BEAD" in there talk about a singular focus! :-0

  9. My vote is for studio as well, it leaves it open for the addition of or change of things.

  10. I'm agreeing with the majority (and am a little late) but I made the mistake of using Waterstone Jewelry and, of course, I no longer make jewelry. Since then it's been a headache making the changes. Vague is good. :)