Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am honored that my bracelet titled "Awakening" was selected for the Spring issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine! It is included with 16 other fantastic designs on pages 46-47. This is the first time I have had one of my designs published in Stringing!

I created the bracelet last Fall with Spring in mind. I titled it Awakening because that was how I felt as I strayed from my usual symetric style. The design is completely asymmetrical...and I couldn't feel more balanced!

This issue is filled with so many breathtaking spring inspirations! If you haven't picked up a copy or downloaded the digital version, I highly recommend it. You'll love it!


  1. I just got my issue the other day, and finally had the time today to browse through it. I love this magazine!

    Your bracelet is just beautiful! When I started making jewelry I made symmetrical pieces, but once I made my first asymmetrical piece I couldn't stop. It's so liberating!

  2. Congrats! Getting published is very exciting, and, what a great design. I am VERY asymmetrical and totally love this piece. Perfect for spring!
    Have fun with this issue!

  3. This bracelet is gorgeous...those are my favorite colors!! I am not surprised one bit that it made the spring issue. I must have let my subscription run out, b/c I haven't seen it yet. :-( Will have to go pick one up ! Congratulations!

  4. I can see why it was chosen - congrats! It's beautiful.

  5. Oh, congratulations! It's so pretty, no wonder they published it. :D

  6. Kathleen, congratulations on having your desigs included in great publications. This bracelet is lovely and I really liked the garnet necklace in a recent BeadTrends magazine. That one I'm making for myself - garnet's my birthstone. Love your work.