Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Birthday Gift For My Mom...

My mom's birthday is in February, so I thought a necklace with her birthstone, amethyst, would make a perfect gift! While shopping at the International Gem and Jewelry Show at the Dulles Expo Center back in December, 
I came across a beautiful strand of 13mm faceted amethyst.

The vendor HIJ and Co., whom I have purchased from before, told me this strand is aaa grade amethyst. He insisted that they are natural amethyst that have been heat treated. They were shaped and faceted by a 70 year old man who is retiring as his eyes are no longer as good as they once were. As many of you may or may not know, 
heat treatment is common in gemstones to bring out color and clarity. 

While my style is bold and modern inspired by nature, my mother's style is more classic. 
With that in mind I created a simple, classic design that would focus on the beautiful amethyst beads.

I added in Tierra Cast silver spacers and a sterling silver adjustable toggle.

Presentation is everything and this necklace deserved extra special packaging! I decided to make a keepsake box for it. I upcycled a jewelry presentation box that was in brand new condition. The photo, of ferns, was taken in the Adirondack mountains two summers ago while on vacation.

I created a label insert for the inside, set the necklace in place, gift wrapped it and shipped it off to my mother via USPS Priority Mail, insured! She was stunned upon receiving it and has apparently worn it everyday since!


  1. Holy moly! That is one special necklace! I tend to complicate things in my designs. I love that this is so simple. That makes the amethyst the star and it is very striking. What a beautiful presentation and gift! Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation and happy birthday to your mother! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Really beautiful! I hope she loves it. And, your presentation is stunning! Your mom is very, very lucky.


  3. How sweet! what a thoughtful gift, and gorgeous necklace ... not to mention that packaging!

  4. What a thoughtful daughter you are! I love the simplicity of the design (and the birthstone as well :-). You've made the necklace versatile with that adjustable toggle...what an awesome idea! Lovely packaging.

  5. It's a classic beauty Kathleen! I have no doubt your mother loved it!

  6. Kathleen, everything is just perfect. Your Mom is a lucky lady indeed.

    I love the box and the way you made it extra special.

  7. Kathleen, absolutely beautiful. The silver spacers are wonderful accents and those faceted amethysts are lovely. Packaging is very creative. I'm taking notes on that!

  8. Wow! Absolutely stunning! The necklace is beautiful, a classic look with the focus on those beautiful beads. Your packaging is thoughtful, and so beautiful.

    How fortunate for you both to have each other. Happy Birthday to your Mom. I'm sure she will treasure it forever.

  9. that's a gorgeous necklace , also love how you created a unique box for wonder your mom won't take it off.

  10. It is a stunning piece!! I would wear everyday too ;)

  11. What a wonderful gift! Love the classic design, making the amethyst the star. The packaging is beautiful.