Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Missing Link...

The Missing Link, by the immensely talented Cindy Wimmer, is finally here! In her book, she shares a variety of her wondrous links complete with instructions so that you can learn her techniques. The wire links she has created are mind blowing. They will take your designs to a whole new level! If you enjoy working with wire, creating jewelry or are a creative type in general, check out her book! You won't be disappointed!

I already have my copy of the book, a beautiful signed copy! I was giddy with excitement as I turned each page, each link just as fantastic as the one that came before it! I am anxious to get back into my studio to try my hand at some of her links. As soon as life with a newborn baby becomes a little less time consuming, the links are first on my list! I promise to show my creations and may even have a giveaway to go along with it!

In the meantime, check out her book blog tour!


  1. I was thrilled when I got my copy. It's a fabulous book and I'm so glad I have it. Sadly, I have no wire on hand, something I must remedy very soon!

  2. I'm late with my Congratulations, but my heartfelt wishes to you all. Enjoy your beautiful baby boy and all the wonderful times ahead in your journeys as a family of three.

  3. so jealous! I still haven't picked up my copy - can't wait to see some of her designs in your work :)

  4. Kathleen, thank you so much for this shout-out about the book! Such kind words, and I appreciate it! I know it is hard to think about making jewelry right now...but one of the beauties of working with wire is that you can start a project and put it down til later. My third son was under one when I started making jewelry for the first time and got hooked on wire! :-) I hope you join the blog hop in January - we'll do a show 'n tell and see how people have incorporated a link or two in their designs!