Monday, May 19, 2014

Lucketts Spring Market Fabulous Finds

This past weekend, The Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg, Virginia had it's annual Spring Market. There were over 170 vendors selling vintage, antique and shabby chic wares. Brenton, our 8 month old son Liam and I spent Saturday searching for treasures! This is what I came home with...

Shortly after arriving, I came across these two really cool boxes! You know how you feel when you find an item that doesn't require any second thought? Well that was how I felt when I saw these. Actually, the price is what really sealed the deal, but also the fact that I knew they would be perfect for my studio! They were hand painted by Shawna Jeannine, the vendor who was selling them. She had a variety of beautiful hand painted items.

My next purchase came from Carolyn Elizabeth Designs. She had some wooden spools of linen that I fell in love with. The natural color inspired me the most. While my first thought was to use it for my packaging, I decided that I will use it in the memory book I am creating for my son. I also thought it will be great for craft projects!

I found these lovely handmade tile coasters from Charming Finds for my husband for Father's Day. Shh, it's a surprise! Brenton loves sailing, so I thought he would enjoy these. Along with the coasters, I also purchased a metal tree with painted leaves and birdies. It will be a wonderful addition to both my studio and craft show booth!

My fabulous finds from this years Spring Market! 
I am already looking forward to going again next year!

A few photos that show the variety of treasures waiting to be found! 
The Lucketts Spring Market is definitely worth the drive. If you have never been to this event, I highly recommend marking your calendar for next year and making your way to Northern Virginia. Gather a few friends and make a weekend out of it. You wont be disappointed! 


  1. Now I have box envy! Those are so perfect.

  2. Kathleen, so happy you made it to Lucketts this year - and with the whole family. Sorry we just missed each other by a day! It's funny, I wondered what you would bring home considering you love modern and you managed to find perfectly modern-vintage treasures that are so perfect. Those coasters are going to be a big hit...can't believe Father's Day is around the corner (and Brenton's first!). I totally agree, the Luckett's Spring Market is a must-see event!