Saturday, September 21, 2013

Focus On Life: A Quiet Moment

My blog posts and jewelry design have taken a bit of a backseat over the summer as Brenton and I prepared for the arrival of our baby, due October 5th. Pregnancy is exhausting, plus there is lots to do such as acquiring all of the little necessities that baby will need, getting the baby's room ready and trying to go on as many vacations and weekend getaways as possible before we become three!

Our bundle of joy decided to surprise us and arrived early, four weeks to the day. What I had thought were just really bad stomach cramps around 1:00 am in the morning two weeks ago, that would soon go away, ended up being contractions. Nine and a half hours later, our beautiful son was born! I was completely overwhelmed with emotions of fear and joy. I was worried because he wasn't due for another four weeks but also overjoyed as we were about to meet the tiny being that moved about, quite frequently, inside my stomach for the past eight months!

Liam Ellis Klik was born Saturday September 7th weighing a healthy 6 lbs., 13 oz. Tears flowed as we heard his first cry and our hearts melted the second we saw him. They were the most amazing moments of my life.

Now that we are home from the hospital, we are getting to know one another. Some moments are quiet, others not so much. But they are all beautiful moments. I captured this photo of my son as he was sleeping in my arms. I always have my Nexus phone, which has a decent camera, or my professional camera nearby so that I can capture moments like these.

While my jewelry design has been put on hold, temporarily, I have not lost my love for it! I was actually in the middle of creating a fall collection the week that he arrived. I do hope to finish it before the season is over. But jewelry can always be created, moments like these can not be missed.

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