Saturday, October 1, 2011

HotFlash GlassWorks

Last weekend at the Arts and Music Festival in Annapolis, I had the honor of meeting a talented local lampwork artist named Patti Tolley Parrish of HotFlash GlassWorks.

Just look at these treasures! Prices of her beads range from $3-$20

Patti has been creating lampworked beads for two years. She works a full time job during the week, so she spends most nights and weekends creating gorgeous glass beads. Her favorite glass to work with is Dark Clio made by Double Helix GlassWorks. "Its loaded with silver and when layered with other colors and reduced, you can get some amazing hot pink and watermelon colors that are hard to come by in hot glass". She is also partial to Zimmerman Purple Rose (commonly known as Z-99 to the lampwork community). She loves using Pale Aqua transparent and and etches it to resemble sea glass. 

She also creates a number of items with her beads including earrings, bracelets, pendants, wine bottle stoppers, magnifying glasses, and antique skeleton keys with lampwork done directly on them.
Patti is working on filling her Etsy shop with her creations. To see more of her work or to contact her, check out HotFlash GlassWorks.


  1. Those are awesome! And for the past two years I've exhibited at that festival, but this year went to an art retreat instead. WHY does it always rain on one of the days?

  2. What beautiful and colorful lampwork! And I love the combination of wire and lampwork too!