Saturday, October 29, 2011

Inspired by Hawaii

My husband and I just returned from a vacation on Hawaii's Big Island. From lava rock landscapes, to rain forests, hiking into the crater of a volcano, swimming with sea turtles and looking down at the clouds from 13,796 feet above sea level. It was a very adventurous vacation. I was inspired by the abundant beauty that the island offered...

We stayed at the Waikoloa Resort-it was paradise! The view from our room.

One of the sea turtles that swam past us. Most amazing experience ever!

 One of the many birds that greeted us each morning.

Coffee plant at Greenwell Coffee Farms in Kona.

Beautiful coral that is meant to be seen and not harvested or touched!

Life starts new again inside the crevice of a volcano crater. 
No soil, just lava rock and nature working together.

Exploring the volcanic landscape that Pele, goddess of fire created; Kilauea Crater.

Beautiful plants in the rain forest.

Making our way up Mauna Kea summit.

Looking down at the clouds from 13,796 feet, atop Mauna Kea. Beautiful!


  1. Those pictures are incredible! What a beautiful place :)

  2. Lovely Photos, thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  3. Love that photo of the fish. I want it as my desktop!

  4. Thanks so much for leaving me the link to these photos. They are stunning. Love that sky Kathleen and all the other pics.