Monday, March 4, 2013

Focusing On Life: 52 Photos - Knock, Knock

For week nine of Focusing on Life - 52 Photos, Sally sent us a prompt titled knock, knock: 
"let's open some doors and see what awaits us on the other side". 

Is it a door that holds opportunity?
A door that holds a story?
Is it a door you have been hesitating to open?
Is a gate to a new life?
A door to a new adventure?
Is it a door that holds a memory?
Is it the perfect door for a simple picture?

I spotted this door while visiting The Old Lucketts Store in Lucketts, Virginia. 
It grasped my attention because of the many possibilities it holds. 

It is for sale, so it has opportunity. 
It tells a story of the past. 
The possibility of adventure awaits the new owner. 
It holds memories, perhaps of the person who once owned it. 
It also is a unique door that makes a simple, beautiful photograph.


  1. This old, peeling door takes on a look of beauty when captured by your lens. Makes me wonder how many generations have looked expectantly in through and out of its generous window.

  2. What a spectacular door, the color and texture! Love it.

  3. What a beautiful door, and how cool is that peeling paint

  4. Love your photo, Kathleen. You really have a good eye.

  5. What a beauty! The color of the wood with the green. And what a beautiful, sunny day.

  6. Kathleen, that is such a fantastic door and such a simply beautiful photo! I love old doors, they always make me wonder where they came from and who passed through them.

  7. What a fantastic door! and I love the trim work on the roof .. how cool is that?!

  8. That door would have definitely grabbed my attention too. It's gorgeous and you captured it so well!!

  9. Kathleen, I knew immediately where this door was from as soon as I saw it! It has Lucketts written all over it. :-) It is really a beauty!