Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art Bead Earring Swap

The wonderfully talented Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio hosted an Art Bead Earring Swap. What that involves is, after signing up Diana pairs people in sets of three. You then make a pair of earrings, using at least one art bead per earring, for each partner and then mail it to them. I was paired up with Melinda Orr of Melinda Orr Designs and Keri Lee Sereika of Pink Lemonade. What an awesome and fun idea! I now have two new pairs of fantastic earrings created by two fantastic artists!

 Here is what I received:

 Melinda Orr created these gorgeous, contemporary patterned copper and 
antiqued sterling silver earrings, with jade.

And from Keri Lee Sereika; beautiful, vintage style earrings with polymer clay beads that
she hand made, using a technique called Mokume Gane to represent jasper,
antiqued brass and oxidized sterling ear wires.

This is what I created for Melinda and Keri:

 For Melinda: I used a Greek ceramic bead, a washer that I
textured and a ceramic disc by Elaine Ray. I made the ear wires from
silver filled wire, oxidized with liver of sulpher.

For Keri: lampworked discs by River Oak Acres and the rest I created with silver filled wire.

Please visit the other participants to see what they created and received!

Diana Ptaszynski
Jenny Davies Reazor
Melinda Orr
Cilla Watkins
Stephanie Haussler
Sally Russick
Susan Kennedy
Cheryl Brown


  1. Fun fun fun! Thanks so much for joining in the swap! I hope you'll join in next time too!

  2. I LOVE Melinda's metalworking skills! Those earrings are gorgeous! And the beads on the second pair are so my colors!!! And the earrings you made for your recipients are equally gorgeous! Wasn't this a fun hop!! Enjoy!

  3. I always love Melinda's work and she did a great job mixing copper and silver - I had a mental block doing this Keri's polymer clay beads are awesome. The beads you sent to your partners were awesome as well. I love both pairs and would wear both. The lampwork by River Oak Acres are very pretty -- they were the very first people that I bought lampwork from over 10 years ago I love their work. What a fun swap.

  4. I love the earrings you received, and the ones you sent are beautiful...

  5. What fun and fabulous earrings you MADE & SENT!!!! I love mine and I can't wait to wear them! :)

  6. Ooh! I like what you did for Melinda with the Elaine Ray beads!. You received two lovely pair! There is a classical simplicity of Melinda's that is so lovely!

  7. Fabulous earrings! Love both pair!

  8. These are all so beautiful! Thanks for including my small rounds in all the lovely fun.

  9. Love the mix of jade & copper
    of the pair by Melinda Orr
    ane the R.R.'s from Keri Lee are great vintage style!!

  10. Oh! I think that the two pair that you received are by far my favorite. Melinda's design is so classic with a contemporary twist. And those beads from Keri are so rich. Very nice! Enjoy the day. Erin