Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adirondack Adventure 2013...

A few weeks ago, Brenton and I (and our glorious dog Twila) headed to the Adirondack Mountains for our annual summer vacation. This was a unique year as I was seven months pregnant! It definitely changed the dynamics somewhat; hiking up (and back down) mountains was out and going long stretches without a bathroom nearby was unpleasant, but we still had a very relaxing week! Here are some of the highlights...

The week started off with a dinner cruise along Raquette Lake aboard the W.W. Durant

Raquette Lake.

We set out on a hike that was supposed to lead to a waterfalls. 
The waterfalls ended up being a trickle of water down some very large boulders!

Each year a duck and her babies stops by to say hello.

Brenton and I cooling off in Seventh Lake. 
Brenton purchased an inflatable chair for me so that baby and I could enjoy the lake! 

We drove up to Tupper Lake to spend a day at The Wild Center.

Trout swimming along in a large tank made to replicate a river.

Northern spotted owl that was rescued after it had been found beside the road in the Adirondack Mountains.
It is being rehabilitated at The Wild Center.

Lily pads and cattails in the pond outside The Wild Center. 

A path through the woods surrounding The Wild Center.

Brenton thought it would be fun to crawl through a hollowed out tree in a kids park along the path. There were a few trees that were hollowed out, meant for children to crawl through. Adults that are 6'2", a whole different story!

The Starving Artist Gallery, my favorite artisan shop in the Adirondacks, is now selling my jewelry and photography!! Always travel with your art as you never know what opportunities may arise! It is located on Main Street in
Old Forge. If you are ever driving through the area, this is a can't miss stop in a wonderful town! 

Two of my necklaces included with some fantastic pottery.

My photography note cards with scenes from the Adirondacks.

The last adventure of the week was the annual Arts in the Park craft show held at Arrowhead Park in the town of Inlet. We stop by this artisan/craft show every year. For the past several years, I have been purchasing beads from Cindy Ritchie of Simply Cindy. Cindy is a talented glass artist from Rochester, New York.

I also purchased this fantastic handbag created by Kathryn Fisher of Trendy Totes by Mimi. Ironically, she and her husband are friends with my former boss, Monty Calvert, photo editor from The Post Star in Glens Falls, New York. Small world!

Another year, another week of wonderful memories.
Next year we will be bringing our first child along, where he/she will begin their annual Adirondack adventure!
We can't wait to share everything that is special to us about this magnificent place!


  1. You look so wonderful! So tiny! I bet Brenton will make the BEST Dad!

    Loved the photos. . .being from Southern Louisiana, the cat tails were one of my favs! Thanks for sharing your fun trip!

  2. Oh my! This is where we go each summer. We have a cabin off one of the smaller lakes from Tupper Lake, and so crazy to see you guys at the Wild Center! We spend as much time every summer as we can up in this area. It really is lovely.

  3. Beautiful photos! I was relaxed just looking at them. What a wonderful family tradition.

  4. Gorgeous photos of such a special time! So excited and happy for you both!

  5. Beautiful photos, beautiful location.
    I'm so happy to hear your good news about your jewelry and photography being sold in the gallery. Congrats on that...
    ...and best wishes to you both with the birth of your baby soon. How wonderful!

  6. What amazing pictures, Kathleen! Reminds me how behind I am posting pics from our CA trip....I know all the photo editing can take so long! I enjoyed going along with you two on your vacation via your blog post! Who took the pictures of you two together? They are great. Love the action shot while hiking with Twila. CONGRATS on having your work sold at the shop in town - I like how you included the pic with your necklaces mixed in with the pottery - it is such a great fit for the shop. And that is a great totebag you bought - such a nice pattern in red!

  7. Love the pictures! I have been to Tupper Lake in NY, beautiful area up there!
    Congrats on future baby :) can't wait to see pictures of him or her!! Love the beads you picked up too.