Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspired By Nature.

The wait is over. Heather Power's "Inspired by Nature" book has arrived! It is filled with gorgeous jewelry projects, divided into three categories: Woodlands (my favorite), Gardens and Sea. She lists the materials needed for each project with beautifully illustrated instructions. The design layout reminds me of a sketch journal. She also has a side bar giving insight into the inspiration behind each piece (my favorite part)!

One of the reasons for my interest and excitement about "Inspired by Nature" is that I too am immensely inspired by nature. Nature's beauty has always captivated me. It leaves me in awe every time. Whether it is hiking in the Adirondack mountains, walking beside the Atlantic ocean, admiring the beauty of the Autumn season or observing the woodland animals in my backyard, nature speaks to me and I relay it's message through my art.

This weekend, Heather is hosting an Inspired by Nature retreat along the shore of Lake Michigan. If I didn't have to prepare for an upcoming Arts and Music Festival, I would so be there! Sounds like an awesome weekend filled with inspiration, creativity, and making new friends. I can't wait to see what the attendees of the retreat create!

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