Thursday, September 8, 2011

Woodland Bracelets

I have been spending almost every spare moment creating pieces for an upcoming Arts and Music Festival in Annapolis. I am working on different themed collections; Inspired by the Sea, Tribal Arts, Woodland and Winter Solstice. I just completed several bracelets that will be added to my Woodland collection. I really enjoyed working with the soapstone beads. I have had them for several years, waiting for inspiration. After spending time in the Pocono Mountains a few weekends ago, I returned to my studio with a collection of tree bark that had fallen to the forest floor. The variations in the soapstone reminded me of the color and texture of the bark.

I am super excited about my new designs and thought I would share them with you!

Soapstone, hematite, blown glass, antiqued silver twig toggle and pine cone.
I used black cotton cord instead of wire to string the beads, keeping with the rustic feel of the bracelet.
My favorite part is the twig toggle with the pine cone dangling from it!

 Pineapple quartz glass, lamp worked glass, antiqued brass square links, toggle and bird.
I love the element of surprise added by the green glass bead and the bird.

Recycled glass, siamese cassia tree stick bead, ceramic, palm wood, 
laminated wood barrel, antiqued copper wavy discs, toggle and pine cone. 
Reminds me of an autumn sunset!


  1. Oh wow, Kathleen! Stunning pieces! Love the colors, the textures!

  2. Hello Kathleen! I found your blog via Lori Anderson's... I think it was when you mentioned being in Annapolis that caught my eye. I got married there and lived there in the historic area years ago when I worked as a medical social at (then) North Arundel Hospital in Glen Burnie.
    Your jewelry has such a serene beauty to it - so beautiful!