Monday, September 12, 2011

Love and Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Yesterday morning, my husband wanted to make sure I was well fueled for the bead show I attended, Northeast Bead Exstavaganza, in Severna Park. So he made me whole wheat Mickey Mouse pancakes, complete with Morning Star Farms soy sausages! I went to the show because there were some vendors in it that I missed at Bead Fest. I was able to find the items I was looking for and a few other goodies. It is one of the smaller bead shows that I have attended, but a decent selection of vendors.

My husband has been quite the savior lately. Last week, my computer pretty much bit the dust and he ordered me a new one. Being married to a computer geek does have it's benefits! It is so cool-everything is built into the flat screen monitor! With a 21.5" inch screen, it is much larger than my old one, which is perfect for photo editing. Perfect timing as I have a lot of photo editing from weekend assignments (in case you all didn't know, I am also a photojournalist).

So, to my amazing husband: thank you for all that you do! And not just because you make me Mickey Mouse pancakes, but also for just being wonderful you.


  1. Now that's just awesome. I have a great hubs, too!

  2. Those are the best sausages!
    I use them in a salad of all things. My husband came up with it and it's insanely good.

    Butter Lettuce, cucumber, avocado, black olives and cut up sausages with a balsamic Italian dressing and rye toast points.

    Must be rye, Tommy insists.