Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bead Fest Wrap Up...Artisan Beads.

I have returned from a fun filled weekend of bead shopping, get-together's and new friendships formed while at Bead Fest in Philadelphia! There is nothing like a room full of gorgeous beads along with the amazing artists that create them to inspire you!

These are the artisan beads I purchased and the talented people that I met...

My bead shopping began in Artisan Alley with Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio. She welcomed me with a hug and an East Coast Bead Mafia button-I wore it proudly all weekend! 

Next up was Ornamentea to buy some Elaine Ray beads.
Love Elaine's beads...yes I am an ER geek and probably three beads away from starting a fan club! 

The lovely Cynthia Deis of Ornamentea.
I spy a Bohemian Inspired Jewelry book.

I then wandered over to a table filled with colorful gorgeous glass...yep, it was thee
David Christensen and his stunning lampwork glass beads!
I am beyond giddy over these beads, especially the large ones! The three in the center will be hoarded as decorations in my studio. They are over an inch in size!

Bergamini Beads
I love squares...can't resist squares!

 I bought these from my super fun room mate Lisa Liddy of Metal Me This.
Love these bead caps-they are a gorgeous coppery pink hue.
She gave me a set of her awesome metal patina's-if you don't already own them, stop by her Etsy shop. They are FANTASTIC-you will love them!

Awesome seven inch copper head pins from Lost Marbles. Can't wait to work with these!

Greg from Green Girl Studios. Look at all those gorgeous beads that he and Cynthia create!
My Green Girl loot! I am especially excited over the new bronze pendants they created. Each one is individually hand carved and pressed. Their finger prints are still on the backs of them, adding a literal handmade quality to them! I will be keeping this one for my own collection, which means I should have bought two!

I seemed to be drawn to lampwork beads this year...

The gorgeous colors and patterns were calling me. Although I tend to think every bead I see is calling me!

Lorelei Eurto signing my copy of Behemian Inspired Jewelry!

The lovely and talented authors of Bohemian Inspired Jewelry.

Next up was the Art Bead Swap, hosted by Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio.
 Some of the Bead Swap gals!
Karen Totten, Lorelei Eurto, Stacie Smith, Diana Ptaszynski, Melinda Orr.

Diana mentioned in Creative Bead Chat that gummy bears were an essential part of her well being or something along those lines...I took her seriously and bought her a package of them. Hey, I plan to buy more of her amazing beads and pendants and we need her in good form so she can create them!

Erin Siegel with her mother-in-law Nancy. I had such a wonderful time talking with both ladies.
Thank you for sharing your chair with me at the Happy Hour event on Saturday Erin!

 I purchased some gorgeous beads from Sue Beads.
Love these olive green/pink bead caps and this Southwest Colors collection!

Susan Kennedy next to her mini masterpieces!

 I am completely stoked over these recycled glass pendants from Glass Garden Beads! The one on top is made from a vase and the other from a wine bottle-how cool is that! I love buying beads that have their own story!

Kazuir beads. I am starting to collect these.

 Can't resist pendants from Marsha Neal Studio.

or her silks...
and her beads!

Marsha is one of the nicest artists I have ever met! She is always happy to do custom colors and orders. She gifted me seven, yes seven of her gorgeous buttons! I thought someone was going to have to resuscitate me upon receiving these! Thank you, thank you Marsha!!

 GORGEOUS raku beads from Xaz Bead Company.

Tierra Cast buttons, antiqued brass clasp and gorgeous 
matte black chain (thank you Graham) from Primitive Earth Beads.

Nature inspired ceramic beads and pendants...
 from one of my favorite ceramic artists...
 Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio.

 No trip to Bead Fest is complete without stocking up at Clever Treasures!

 I am in love with these bronze twigs and Saki pendants from Hands of the Hills!!

The best way to wind down from two days of bead shopping...
Elaine Ray has the right idea!
Stacie Smith, Sally Russick, Elaine Ray and Erin Siegel enjoying a fun get-together organized by Melinda Orr at the Courtyard Marriott in King of Prussia. Thank you Melinda for putting together this really fun event and for the CBC bracelets-I have worn mine everyday!

 I roomed with Lisa Liddy of Metal Me This-she is beyond talented and a really awesome person to hang out with. Joining us at the Comfort Inn was Lisa's booth-mate Maria Richmond of Lost Marbles with her partners in crime Amy Renee Cornelius and Diane Postrech.
They added some seriously zany fun to the weekend's festivities!
Thank you for the pudding shots Diane-they rock!

I was attempting to take a photo of these lovely ladies when I realized my camera was set to video! 
Lisa Liddy, you are so busted for the bunny ears behind Diane Postrech!

I have made so many amazing new friends this year at Bead Fest...I look forward to seeing all of you next year! Thank you for a weekend of wonderful memories and crazy antics-all of you are awesome!


  1. What an amazing collection of art beads you managed to snag at the show! Looks like everyone had the best of times. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful things you make with your new treasures.

  2. It was great meeting you!!! Also, thank you for the gummy bears! They provided much needed food in my booth since the food sold at the convention center is sub-par. They got me through Sunday! :hugs::

  3. Great blog entry! Your pictures of your new beads are wonderful. I can't wait to see what beautiful jewelry you make with these beauties!

  4. Love all your loot! hope you don't mind if i steal that pic of me signing a book- one of the better pics of me from the weekend. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the beady goodness, Kathleen... looks like everyone had an awesome time!

  6. WOW - you got some awesome beads this year Kathleen! And love seeing all the fun you had :)

  7. It is so fun to see everyone elses view of the weekend. LOVE you stash. GREAT post!

  8. It looks like you had a great time! Thanks for showing us your beads and for including names of everyone! A wonderful summary!