Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lovely Package Exchange With Lorelei Eurto...

I recently signed up for The Lovely Package Exchange, hosted by Dani of Oh, hello friend. The concept was to create a beautiful package containing a gift that you think the recipient would love. I am somewhat of a packaging geek (just ask Lorelei), so I was definitely up for this fun exchange!

Well, the stars must have been aligned because I was paired up with the ultra lovely and talented Lorelei Eurto! Lorelei and myself are both self-admitted bead addicts. So creating a beautiful package for her was easy, I will admit!

A few days ago, I received my lovely package from Lorelei. Here is what she sent me...

A really cool distressed aluminum box from Ornamentea locked with a tiny brass heart.

The little locket is so sweet! 

This is what I found inside...

I don't think I have ever used the word "swoon" in a sentence...

But swoon over this pouch I did! I was beyond giddy when I saw this Made by Hank creation. 
Simply stunning, inside and out!

I then opened this really unique fabric tied with a vintage key and found...

A gorgeous pendant by Jean Christen

A strand of of beautiful light blue glass beads along with ELAINE RAY BEADS! 
Can you sense my excitement? I am addicted to Elaine Ray beads; 
so many fun shapes and colors! And a fun wooden key from Ornamentea as well.

There was also this tiny vintage tin holding a really sweet glass heart made by 
Stephanie Sersich, along with some vintage buttons! It measures 1.25" in diameter...really nifty!

This is what Lorelei sent, in all it's loveliness!
Thank you Lorelei for the wonderful gift!

You can see what I sent Lorelei here.

 This was the box that Lorelei shipped my gift in...

Twila, who ABSOLUTELY loves opening presents as much as I do, decided that she too was getting a gift!

When I started opening up the key fabric, she ran over and began excitedly sniffing the beads. Apparently Twila loves Elaine Ray beads as much as I do! So I gave her the USPS box that my gift came in...and she thought it was Christmas! In case you are wondering, the fun part for her is ripping boxes up into little pieces.


  1. Kathleen, what a fun swap. I love what Lorelei sent and can't wait to see what you create. I also had fun at Lorelei's site to see the teasing way she revealed the contents of your package. Lovely.

  2. How fun! those are some great treats!

  3. Oh Kathleen! What fun :) Such an incredible package and goodies!

  4. That was so much fun to read. Love everything you got and I agree swoon is the perfect word.

  5. wow your photos of everything turned out so great! You have a great camera!
    Glad you loved everything! I had a lot of fun putting this together for you, I am thrilled that you liked
    the beads and the pouch too! enjoy!

  6. What a fun package of goodies! Your box for Lorelei was wonderful too! Twila is just too darn cute!

  7. Great fun! It was wonderful to meet you at BeadFest Philly - maybe sometime I can meet Twila also - we can tear some stuff up together.