Saturday, December 29, 2012

12 days Of Christmas - Day Five...

The fifth gift is from me! 

I wrapped each box in handmade paper that was purchased through 
Distant Village, covered it with a beautiful felted ribbon and tied the name tag with hemp cord.  

 I decided to create polymer clay bead sets for the other eleven participants. I took a polymer clay class with Christine Damm at Art Bliss this past September and really fell in love with the medium! Each person received a pendant and a set of beads. The birch tree was swapped out for a butterfly pendant (which I didn't get a chance to photograph). I felt the Cheri (the recipient) would enjoy the butterfly more.

I hope everyone likes what I created for them!

Kathleen Lange Klik -
Francesca Watson –
Inge von Roos –


  1. Wow, you were a busy elf! I'll bet the recipients are thrilled with the contents their package!!!

  2. Wow! Look at you go! You have cwrainly percected the medium! All are just gorgeous!

  3. Ok, I love the packaging almost as much as the contents! Thank you for showing me the importance of beautiful wrapping. And I can see how much it means to take a class, cause I know I couldn't reproduce what you've made here from my dabbling play in pc. The bronze looking coin with the blue just jumps out at me, as does the pendant above it and the leaves. Truly beautiful pieces that I'm sure the recipients were thrilled to open!

  4. I know you made Christine proud! Great job!

  5. You are going to town with the clay! The sets are so sweet and woodland-ish! I love the packaging too - what a fun hop. (P.S. you'd love taking classes with Ronna on the Bead Cruise - hint, hint!!!)

  6. Your packaging is so earthy and beautiful! The work that you do is so creative. Do you sell on Etsy?

  7. Hi Kathleen,
    I am day 5 in group 2, but I did not think to take pictures of what I made and how I wrapped each gift, lesson learned.
    I love what you made for your group they are beautiful. I really like the birds.
    Happy New Year,

  8. I love what you made! Especially the leaves. And your packaging is da bomb!

  9. Great work, Kathleen-- so glad you're enjoying the joys of polymer!

  10. You always do such a great job of packaging. And those bead sets are all great! I think I love that bird with the white edge the best. Enjoy the day! Erin

  11. Kathleen, I AM SO AMAZED at your polymer bead sets!!! You went from beginner to way beyond so quickly! I am just so impressed with your talent with polymer. Sadly, I haven't made the time to practice what I learned in class in Sept.... wouldn't know where to begin now. :-( Your bead sets are all so beautiful and I love the variety. The packaging and photos are all so fantastic as well!