Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 Days Of Christmas...

After weeks of anticipation, I finally get to open present number one for Lorelei's 12 Days of Christmas bead and component gift exchange! For those of you unfamiliar with Lorelei's 12 Days of Christmas exchange, it involved signing up for either Group #1; the bead and component group or Group #2; the gift group. She then randomly selected 11 participants for each, her being the twelfth. Each of us was to create eleven bead/component gifts and them mail them to the other participants. 

The first gift was to be opened on Christmas day, following each day afterwards for the next eleven days until all gifts are unwrapped. We skip the day that we were assigned, in my case Day 5.

Day One:
The first gift was from Lorelei Eurto...

Tin Snippets!!!
 I am so excited over receiving a set of her unique hand made bead caps, she cleverly named tin snippets.
Thank you Lorelei! I can't wait to incorporate these into my designs...oh the possibilities.

These are the lovely participants of the 12 days of Christmas Swap, Group One:

Francesca Watson –


  1. How fun! Lucky you to receive Lorelei's colorful tin snippets. I'm so jealous! I thought about signing up for this, and then I remembered all the things I volunteer for in our church and community this time of year and decided not to participate. Maybe next year...

    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. So happy you love them! Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the swap!